21 June 2010

In Your majesty, You create differences
In my arogance, i question Your wisdom
In your mistery You create temptation
In my inferiority, You make me more than i am..

Why does God create a differences ( read : religions and believes ) ? If God want to be worshiped only in one particular way, why there’s should be a differences ?

In my opinion, God never meant to create differences as we thought  so, because that what God is. God is the universe, God is everything, sunny day and a dark night, silent and loud, cold and hot, beauty and ugliness, bitter and sweet, black and white, colors, et cetera.

A differences is just a perception that created by man kind, for their subjective ideas goal. This stupid idea reside on our mind because we’ve being forced to live with it, to live with this perception for ages. This perception of differences has been told from generation to generation, again and again. As we all know,  if a story, doctrine or a dogma repeatedly told, it will be evolved and becoming a common truth.

Back to religion differences. Most doctrine in every religion said that none of ever existed religion except theirs is wrong, this idea is repeatedly told for ages, and already evolved into common truth. In the progress, this doctrine creates the worse fascist ever existed. This is the main constructor of differences idea. Starting from a simple right and wrong. From that idea the disciples creating rules and boundaries to restrict their members thought and mannerism, and make the gap even wider.  For example, one of their products is marriage rule. This was meant to protect their religions from extinction, and to make it more superior. They use Gods name to legitimate their way. Honestly I don’t think God would be agree with that. Yes, even for this personal thing, they had an imaginary legitimacy to control who can marry who, personally. I said it is an imaginary legitimacy because, actually they doesn’t have one, they only feel that they have, because of the doctrine said so. Remember, we lived in an illusion of a perception, where right or wrong is determined by ancient subjective ideas and goals, not God. I’m not saying this one is right or that one is wrong, because for me, in faith and believes, that is God’s and believers domain, where others have no right to interfere.

Sadly, in most community in our time,  if one has a different thought about anything, they will be judged and considered as an infidel, and get excluded from the community. But I said, what a hell with that. I don’t want to be trapped in others forced perception and imaginative truth no more.

In the end,  if we able to see everything in a bigger picture, and put aside all planted perceptions that reside on our mind. We will find there’s no such things called differences, and realize that is just how God shows him self, that is how God shows his love. To do so we need to open our eyes, mind and heart widely, so we can see where we live on, is it in our own way of thought and believes or in illusion of others forced perceptions.


One comment

  1. GOD makes the color in life all .. GOD made every human different idea, if GOD want to make human same, just make a robot for worship

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